These 12 AI and large information companies are entering Dcode’s 2020 accelerator program

Twelve AI and large information companies are convening in D.C. for Dcode Accelerate, that assists startups entering a sovereign market.

Over a 10 week duration using between Feb and April, Foggy Bottombased Dcode will work with a companies to rise sovereign strategies and deliver them to supervision and tech attention leaders.

The Dcode group and mentors will work to supply a companies with what they need to win sovereign contracts and accommodate supervision needs. Along with in-person sessions with a companies, Dcode will horde briefings, roundtables and receptions with attention and supervision stakeholders. Other tools of a module are virtual.

This is a program’s third cohort. Dcode binds several technology-focused programs each year to move together tech solutions from a private zone to supervision missions.

The 12 tech companies, that were comparison from hundreds of applicants, operation from products in digital customization to a worker platform.

“We’re saying continued seductiveness from a supervision for a forms of solutions that these companies offer, though simply anticipating a garland of private zone companies is not enough. We source and oldster tech companies rigorously to make certain they will indeed be means to attain in a sovereign market, and that is what excites us about a companies we work with,” Dcode CEO Meagan Metzger said in a statement.

Here’s a demeanour during a companies supposed into a program, with descriptions supposing by Dcode:

  •, a human-assisted AI for building tradition digital products. The height combines synthetic comprehension with program engineers from vetted program growth shops.
  • Constellation provides cybersecurity for large data. The Constellation Hypergraph Network provides a scalable and secure distributed network that validates data. For craving and open zone clients, they residence digital hazard vectors disposed to large information initiatives, IoT, and information transportation.
  • HyperScience, formed in New York City, uses appurtenance training to systematise and remove information from different request types. The height is designed to assistance diminution a costs and errors compared with primer information entry.
  • Fraym formed in Mclean, Va., uses  AI and appurtenance training to furnish local-level information on tellurian and race characteristics focusing on hard-to-understand geographies in Africa, a Middle East, Asia, and Latin America. The tech combines remote intuiting information with geo-tagged domicile consult data, agreeable discernment on a economic, demographic, social, health, psychographic, and other characteristics of a village or area to consider risks, make plans, allot resources.
  • Imandra Inc. formed in Austin, Texas, specializes in cloud-scale programmed reasoning, democratizing low advances in algorithm research and mystic AI, including decision-making processes from formidable trade systems to low neural networks and logistics problems to terrain and comprehension modeling.
  • Lynq allows inclination to broadcast any form of low-bandwidth information for miles but networks or infrastructure. Lynq’s program can be integrated into any device, enabling a device to emanate a secure, decentralized and fast deployable network able of communicating with any “connected Lynq.”
  • Sema, based in Baltimore, has built a SaaS resolution that measures a peculiarity of formula and developer contributions to formula quality, capability and knowledge. The company’s resolution is used to conduct third celebration growth partners, tackle bequest complement modernization, conduct workforces, and de-risk transitions.
  • Sequentum, formed in New York is a developer of intelligent web information descent and web automation program designed to concentration on web scraping and web automation technologies.
  • Teal is an unmanned systems height association that is focused on growth of Group 1 tiny sUAS hardware and software. Teal grown a full-stack worker height that can be leveraged in both craving and invulnerability verticals.
  • Trueface is a developer of mechanism prophesy and facial approval solutions. Capabilities include facial recognition, liveness detection, intent detection, arms detection, age verification, and permit image recognition.




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