This New Ulysse Nardin Diver Le Locle Packs Cutting Edge Tech into Vintage-Inspired Design

The Ulysse Nardin Diver Le Locle—based on one of a brand’s 1960s-era dive watches—is a true-to-original selected pattern powered by a cutting-edge transformation is a name of a diversion with a new design. Resting within a ’60s-style box and dial beats a brand’s in-house UN-320 involuntary movement, that boasts a silicon escapement and hairspring as good as a special quick-setting date duty that can be set both brazen and back (most other calibers can usually be set in one direction). While some might sneer during a rather medium 328-foot H2O insurgency (half a strange piece’s rating), it is some-more than adequate for a recreational wear these watches will see from a infancy of buyers.

The proclamation of this new recover came as a bit of a surprise, as Ulysse Nardin does not typically burst on a trend bandwagon. That said, given a abyss and extent of a chronological archives, a Diver Le Locle is a smartly executed reissue that usually minimally strays from a strange piece’s design. Its dial, hands, bezel, and box pattern are all loyal to a strange (aside from a switch to a tiny seconds subdial during a 6 o’clock position). To interest to contemporary tastes, a box distance has grown to 42.2 mm from a original’s 38 mm, yet a boost is tiny adequate that a square does not come opposite as oversized. The Diver Le Locle is expected to arrive in retailers in May, with a list cost of $9,600. (

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This New Ulysse Nardin Diver Le Locle Packs Cutting Edge Tech into Vintage-Inspired Design

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