Two of world’s biggest companies are doing business right here in New Mexico

In a Village of Los Lunas, there are selected trucks and red chile ristras. There is also one of a world’s high-tech giants.

Facebook non-stop a billion dollar information core in February.

Local business owners contend Facebook employees have helped a economy and like New Mexican food.

“We get so many of a Facebook employees, and it’s been unequivocally good since they’re from all over. There are a lot of transplants,” pronounced Johnnah Torres, owners of Teofilo’s New Mexican restaurant.

Workers with a New Mexico Economic Development Department contend Facebook employs some-more than 100 people with a idea of employing a sum of 300 in a subsequent 3 years. In 2016, a state split over $10 million taxpayer dollars to get Facebook here.

“We have already seen, in sum profits taxation collections alone, $25 million,” pronounced Mark Roper, with New Mexico Economic Development Department. He says a normal income for a Facebook worker is $65,000.

Another association giant, Netflix, is also doing business in New Mexico.

Late final year, Netflix took over Albuquerque Studios. On Thursday a Netflix deputy pronounced a association is gripping a name, though we will notice a lot of N’s around a studios.

The city and state payed $14.5 million to captivate a association to New Mexico, with a guarantee that it would stay here during slightest 10 years and spend $1 billion in production.

As distant as jobs, “We’re going to announce those subsequent week so I’m giong to reason off on some of those numbers, though we can tell we we’re good on a approach to removing there,” pronounced Nick Maniatis, a Netflix employee.

He says a association already spent $2 million renovating a studios.

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