UPDATE 2-Eurocopter issues reserve warning over EC135 fuel sign error

* Bond had grounded a EC135 swift on fuel sign fault

* Possible identical errors found in other aircraft

* Alert comes after EC135 crashed in Glasgow

* Eurocopter: Too early to pull tie of forsake to

By Belinda Goldsmith

LONDON, Dec 16 (Reuters) – Eurocopter released a reserve alert
to operators of a EC135 helicopters on Monday after aircraft
from a same swift as one that crashed into a Scottish pub last
month murdering 10 people and some in Europe were found with a
fuel sign defect.

UK-based atmosphere services association Bond Aviation grounded its
fleet of 38 EC135s on Dec. 11, after an atmosphere ambulance, one of
its 22 aircraft leased in Britain, was found to have a fuel
indicator problem. Tests found others also had a same fault.

A orator for Eurocopter, a section of European aerospace and
defence association EADS, pronounced tests by Bond and dual other
EC135 operators in Europe found probable identical supply-tank
fuel gauging errors that overestimated a fuel on board.

The find of a error came 12 days after one of Bond’s
EC135s leased to a military crashed into a Clutha pub in
Glasgow murdering 3 organisation and 7 others.

The helicopter was usually mins divided from returning to its
base when it forsaken plumb on to a roof of a pub.

“It is too early to contend either there is any connection
between a fuel sign forsake and a collision in Glasgow,” a
spokeswoman for Eurocopter pronounced on Tuesday.

EADS pronounced that initial research showed that a fuel gauge
defect could lead to pilots to overreach how most fuel was
left in a supply tanks.

“All crews should be wakeful that in a misfortune box a red
warning “Low Fuel” could seem but any amber FUEL Caution
before,” it pronounced in a statement.

The mouthpiece combined that an EC135 commander would have eight
to 10 minutes’ time to land a aircraft once a “Low Fuel”
warning appeared.

Eurocopter pronounced it was arising a reserve notice to remind all
EC135 operators to follow a reserve procedures already in place
and summarized in a moody manual, regardless of a aircraft’s
fuel apportion indication.

The association pronounced it would “update a Safety Information
Notice as needed” with investigations continuing.

A rough news from a Air Accidents Investigation
Branch (AAIB) settled final week that initial checks in connection
with a Glasgow pile-up found no engine or gearbox problems and
fuel on board. Investigations are continuing..

Bond Aviation pronounced in a matter on Monday that a results
of a tests on a rest of a helicopters were certified by
Eurocopter, and suitable repairs were done before returning
the aircraft to service.

No one during Bond was immediately accessible to criticism on how
many of a aircraft were found to have a fault.

“We also took a preference to boost reserve barriers by
mandating that all a EC135s should say a smallest of 90kg
of fuel onboard during all times,” Bond Aviation added.

Following a Glasgow pile-up and a education of Bond
Aviation’s fleet, ride kinship RMT has called for a full
public exploration into helicopter safety, endangered there has been
three incidents involving helicopters in a UK in 4 months.

In August, 4 oil supply contractors were killed when a Super
Puma L2 done by Eurocopter crashed into a sea off Shetland’s
southern coast, causing a proxy hindrance on all Puma flights. An
investigation found no technical fault.

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