USA Water Polo Digital Coaching Manual Released

Courtesy: USA Water Polo

Huntington Beach, Calif. – USA Water Polo is unapproachable to recover a USA Water Polo Coaching Manual, an online request designed to yield all a required resources for coaches during any spin to be improved sensitive per a competition of H2O polo. From a simple fundamentals on a art of coaching to modernized tactical elements and all in between, this primer has all a pivotal collection for any H2O polo manager to build a clever foundation. This is a vital document, as a diversion evolves and adjustments are done to best practices, a primer will be updated to simulate those changes. To download a manual, click here.

“This primer was constructed by USA Water Polo in partnership with some of a best coaches from opposite a nation both past, benefaction and future,” pronounced John Abdou, USA Water Polo Chief High Performance Officer. “Further conference and anxiety have been done to tip coaching scholarship resources accessible to beam coaches in building holistic athletes and teams. This digital apparatus is to be common in a suggestion of flourishing H2O polo in America during a grassroots, age group, scholarly and inhabitant levels.”

This primer was written, edited and constructed by USA Water Polo: John Abdou, Drew Clute, Brian Alexander, and Ian Davidson. USA Water Polo would like to publicly appreciate a following coaches for their contributions done to a growth of a calm of this manual: Guy Baker, Gavin Arroyo, Kyle Kopp, Adam Krikorian, Dejan Udovicic, Terry Schroeder, Dan Klatt, Jack Kocur, Brett Ormsby and Bryan Lynton. USA Water Polo would also like to commend a pioneers of a competition in America and their large efforts done over a final several decades to put us in a position to furnish a initial ever USAWP Digital Coaching Manual.

What They’re Saying About The USA Water Polo Coaching Manual:

“This primer provides a extended operation of unsentimental and timely information to run a organisation during a high school, bar or age organisation spin and have prolific effective practices.  It is a required apparatus to rise into a best manager we can be.  we rarely suggest and validate it.”

– Felix Mercado, Head Coach of Brown University ACWPC President 

“This primer provides a best coaching apparatus in a competition of H2O polo.  The information is current, easy to follow, and hits on all that a H2O polo manager needs to know in sequence to excel.  we rarely suggest that coaches of all levels take advantage of this primer and start to exercise a teachings within.”

– Brett Ormsby, USA Olympian and Pipeline National Team Coach 

Coaches aspire to be their best for their athletes, though it is formidable to be your best if we have a slight range by that to perspective your purpose as a coach, or if we have not had mentors to assistance build your foundation.  This primer serves as an comprehensive beam for coaches to learn or brush adult on their technical and tactical skills, as good as running us by some skills that can assistance a particular programs spin a dilemma toward rival greatness.  we am anxious that USAWP has combined this manual, as it will offer to make a competition some-more organized, some-more respected, and some-more competitive.  Our coaches and athletes around a nation will directly advantage from utilizing this resource.

– Natalie (Golda) Benson, USA Olympian and Hall of Famer

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