Utah’s 2018 Sterling Scholar candidates: Southeast Region

Since 1962, high propagandize seniors have been respected for their educational value by being named Sterling Scholars. According to a Sterling Scholar website, “a Sterling Scholar is a high propagandize comparison who is publicly famous and awarded for a office of value in scholarship, care and citizenship in a State of Utah.”

Due to a stretch concerned and incompatible educational circumstances, a module is conducted in 5 eccentric regions via a state’s 41 propagandize districts and 29 counties. These regions embody a Wasatch Front (North, Central and South areas), Northeast Utah, Central Utah, Southeast Utah and Southwest Utah.

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Schools via a state are invited to attend in a module any year. Winners are named in 15 categories: Agriculture Science; Business Marketing; Computer Technology; Dance; English Literature; Family Consumer Sciences; General Scholarship; Instrumental Music; Mathematics; Science; Speech Drama; Skilled Technical Education; Visual Arts; Vocal Performance; and World Languages.

The students graphic are nominees from a Utah Southeast Region. Each academician will now contest in a Southeast Region foe in their particular categories.

Carbon High School: Back quarrel from left: Kayle Bingham, Visual Arts; Ryan Gagon, Mathematics; Luke Hansen, Science; Ashley Leautaud, Skilled Technical Sciences Education. Center quarrel from left: Tyler Pierce, Social Science; Katie Datzman, World Languages; Adriana Taylor, Music; Makara Morgan, Business Marketing; Mersedez Clifford, English; Canden Stockdale, Family Consumer Sciences. Front quarrel from left: Kelsey Manual, Computer Technology; Bethany Prettyman, Drama Vocal Performance; Jaylee Cox, Forensics Speech; Mikelle Monson, Dance.

Emery High School: Back quarrel from left: Lexi Gale, Dance; Bridger Ivie, Music; David White, Drama/Vocal Performance; Nathanial Smith, Forensics and Speech; Malone Moss, Science; Brans Petersen, Business Marketing; Abbie Huntington, Family Consumer Sciences. Front quarrel from left: Elizabeth Nielson, Computer Technology; Danyale Service, English; Riata Christiansen, Social Science; Samantha Roberts, Mathematics; Elexis Dalton, World Languages; Carlie Robinson, Visual Arts.

Grand County High School: Back quarrel from left: Ryan Reed, Mathematics; Tyler Moreau, Social Sciences; Abigail Mason, Dance; Ryan Lewis, Science; Grace Osusky, Forensics and Speech. Front quarrel from left: Aidan G. Newton, English; Trinity Yazzie, Visual Arts; Isabella Walter, Business Marketing; Hannah Stripeika, Drama; Kaylan Young, Family Consumer Sciences.

San Juan High School: From left: Jared Webb, Science; Ashley Berrett, Drama Vocal Performance; Ryann Shumway, Family Consumer Sciences; Zoie Chamberlain, Visual Arts; Kathryn Black, World Languages; Eva Perkins, Music; Jessica Walker, Computer Technology; Hailey Adams, Social Science; Emily Hall, English; Brooklyn Grover, Business Marketing; Isabelle Tooke, Dance; Rhett Lee, Skilled Technical Sciences Education; Deryl Shumway, Mathematics.

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