Vintage tiny home in Holly seeks $425K

If we wish a good magnitude of how Austin’s bang times have influenced Eastside neighborhoods over a past several years, this old-fashioned though not atypical house competence be an educational example. Located in a partial of a Holly area that is unenlightened with single-family homes on tiny lots, a wood-frame, one-story residence measures 961 block feet, has dual bedrooms and dual bathrooms, and rests on a 3,001-square-foot lot. Last sole in 2003 for $75,000, it has increasing to 5 times that value in a past 15 years.

While that’s not a jaw-dropping burst seen in a large, single-family homes that have transposed many of these comparison cottages (this one was built in 1935), it’s still good over Nov 2017’s median single-family home cost ($360,000 within city limits, reduction in a metro area as a whole, according to an Austin Board of Realtors report) and out of a strech of many working-class Austinites.

Nevertheless, it’s not a bad understanding for artistic classers and many tech workers, generally given the plcae and vestiges of sought-after authenticity. It also helps that it has been well-maintained and roughly each partial of it has been extensively upgraded.

2208 Santa Rita Street [Cityscape Property Group]

November 2017 Market Report [Austin Board of Realtors]

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