Welcome to Techathlon: The many fun record podcast ever created

The PopSci tech group spends a lot of time around domicile articulate about, arguing over, and generally nerding out about all technology-related. Our trainer says that’s time we should spend “doing work,” since we’re “employees of a company” and not “weirdos during a cooking party” contention about what smartphone to buy, who knows a many about a internet, or when AI is finally going to extend us a lives of convenience we so desire. So, we done a new podcast.

Techathlon is a collection of games and segments designed to exam a believe of a tech world. Fun and games aside, there’s a ton of information packaged into each episode, so we can play along while we listen and build adult your possess tech smarts along a way.

For a initial episode, we’re recapping a week’s biggest tech stories, channeling discuss came to figure out that video diversion console reigns supreme, proposing solutions to a tweet-editing conundrum, and holding out biggest pitch during some wily tech trivia.

There are tons some-more games and sideshows entrance adult soon. You’ll laugh, learn, and get a possibility to feel higher to us when we know a answer to a doubt and we don’t.

You can listen to new episodes on Mondays on iTunes, Stitcher, or flattering most anywhere else we get your podcast fix. You can also follow us on Twitter to gloat about your tech believe or share cold links with us.

And remember, when we listen, you’re already a winner. (You don’t indeed win anything, though we still consider you’re great).

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