WHO/ICRC Technical Meeting for Global Consensus on Triage, 11-12 Jan 2017 – Meeting Report


This assembly was co-convened by WHO and a International Committee of a Red Cross.
The primary objectives of a assembly included: 1) contention of a stream scholarship of triage, including pre-hospital and facility-based triage during both slight operations and extraordinary/surge situations, 2) a examination of existent triage tools, and 3) growth of a consensus-based triage horizon for both slight operations and swell situations.
Following several full sessions on a stream state of triage science, a organisation separate into workgroups addressing prehospital triage, margin and facility-based triage during surge, and slight facility-based triage.
Each organisation grown context-specific sequence criteria and compared actions by triage tier. The full organisation afterwards reconvened to examination a claimant classifications and rise accord for any scenario.
The primary outlay of a assembly was a set of claimant collection that yield a horizon for triage in prehospital and trickery settings, during both slight and swell situations. Going forward, a collection will be reviewed and validated around informal and general consultations. A triage primer will be grown to support administrators and complement planners to strengthen and urge a peculiarity of puncture caring smoothness around doing of standardised triage.

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