Widen Releases Version 7.0 of Digital Asset Management Software

Widen Enterprises has released a new version of Media Collective, the company’s flagship digital asset management (DAM) software. Version 7.0 includes nearly 20 new features, integrations and customer-driven ideas aimed at giving marketing and creative organizations a competitive advantage across all digital channels.

A 65 year-old company with roots in photo engraving, Widen began to address the challenges of file management in 1987 and released its first web-based DAM system in 1996. Version 7.0 features the most wide-ranging improvements Widen has made to its software since entering the DAM space.

“The velocity of our teams was incredible over the last year to accomplish a release of this magnitude.  We have provided our employees with a better connection to the DAM market and we are seeing the results of that in 7.0,” said Widen CEO, Matthew Gonnering.

Collectively, the updates make the Media Collective even more accessible and useful throughout asset creation, management, distribution and preservation, encompassing the full asset lifecycle. The most noteworthy enhancements include:

●     WordPress Plugin and Drupal Module – Two of the world’s most widely used web content management systems (CMSs), WordPress and Drupal power over 60 percent of business websites. Widen customers can now search and use assets from their DAM site without ever leaving the WordPress or Drupal applications.

●     iOS App and Mobile Site – Frontline sales staff can now access images, videos, collateral and presentations from their iOS or Android devices. The app and mobile site are currently designed for fast searching and viewing by frontline teams in the field. Updates were also made to the full Widen Media Collective application so it is fully functional on iOS and Android devices.

●     Low-Cost File Archiving – Media Collective 7.0 allows users to store outdated assets in Amazon Glacier, a long-term storage system at a much lower cost than standard rates. Unlike tapes, hard-drives and other cold storage systems where assets are invisible, archived assets can still be managed, searched, previewed and retrieved within DAM if necessary.

●     Faster uploads and downloads with Amazon Cloudfront – CloudFront, Amazon’s content delivery network (CDN), features servers in more than 42 locations worldwide. When a Media Collective user uploads or downloads files, they will now be served from the nearest server, greatly improving speeds for users around the globe.

●     Suttle Straus Partnership – Widen offers improved web-to-print capabilities through a new partnership with Suttle Straus, one of the Midwest’s premier printers. The arrangement integrates Media Collective and S4 Marketing Automation, including Suttle Straus’s print-on-demand software. This will allow users to quickly build templates and print materials that contain assets from Media Collective.

●     Attach Documents – A favorite with customers who attended the Widen User Summit in October, this feature allows users to attach licenses, release forms, video scripts and other key documents to assets in DAM, ensuring that assets are used properly throughout their lifecycle.

“With each update to Media Collective, we aim to make DAM easier to use, more efficient and more capable of addressing all the challenges marketing and creative organizations face when they manage an enormous and ever-growing collection of digital assets,” said Deanna Ballew, manager of development and infrastructure. “In Version 7.0, we brought improved functionality, new features and new integrations to every area of the asset lifecycle. This is truly a new level of DAM.”

Over the next few weeks, Widen plans to release further details on the new features, integrations and customer-driven ideas.

To  view a live demo of the new Widen Media Collective Version 7.0, please visit www.widen.com.

About Widen Enterprises, Inc.

Based in Madison, Wisconsin, Widen has honed its more than 60 years of experience in premedia services and color management specifically for assisting customers with building brand equity and supporting consistent brand representation across print and Web communications. Through its inventive suite of Web-based digital asset management applications, Widen software services provide marketing networks with real-time, Web-based access to clients’ digital asset libraries, subsequently eliminating manual search and file preparation time, costs related to replacing images and videos that cannot be located, and added costs for hardware, software and upgrades. For more information, visit:http://www.widen.com.

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