Your selected video diversion systems, aged iPods and disco-era TVs could be value large bucks


Collectors and fans will compensate large bucks for aged video diversion systems, iPods and stereo systems.
Jennifer Jolly, for USA TODAY

Are we sitting on a forgotten-gadget goldmine? Dusty video diversion systems, aged TVs and record players, and deserted iPods often seem like trash. Except they aren’t.

“Vintage wiring are prohibited sellers,” says Jordan Barnes, comparison executive for resale app Mercari. “There’s an increasingly prohibited delegate marketplace for old-school electronics.”

For instance, over a past 90 days, seductiveness in a strange Nintendo’s GameBoy, Gameboy Advance and Gameboy Micro diversion players have surged to some-more than 200,000 searches, with sale prices commanding $90, she says. 

To find out if you’re sitting on a intensity pot of retro-gadget gold, here are some examples of what aged tech is attractive for resale.

Video diversion systems

Video diversion consoles reason their value improved than many home electronics. As prolonged as it works, someone likely wants to compensate we for it. 

Many collectors peaceful to bombard out for comparison diversion systems will buy multiples of a same console so that they have “backups” in box something breaks. After all, nobody is creation them anymore.

Game consoles from a early 2000s are already starting to go behind adult in value, and they’ll continue to stand for a prolonged time. Many consoles spin evident collectors equipment as shortly as gaming companies announce a new one. Barnes says that in further to aged Gameboys, sellers are carrying success with a Sega Dreamcast, with 30,000 people acid for it over a past 3 months.

The over we go behind in time, a aloft a prices tend to get. PlayStation 2, GameCube, and a strange Xbox aren’t even unequivocally old, technically speaking, though we can still design a plain $75 to $100 or some-more for a operative one in decent condition.

Record players

Vinyl never dies! Sure, cassettes, CDs, and MP3s technically surpassed annals decades ago, though people still venerate that selected sound, and they’re peaceful to compensate for it.

Got an aged Kenwood, Pioneer or Zenith collecting dust? Wipe it down with a purify cloth and, if it works, we can money in to a balance of $150 or some-more with scarcely 0 effort.  Collectors scour sites like eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and accessible apps like Mercari, OfferUp, and LetGo for that aged wood-grain goodness, pushing prices adult by hundreds of dollars and, in some cases, leading a strange sale prices by dual or 3 times.

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There’s only something about song that turns gadgets into collector’s items. Sure, many people have prolonged given pronounced goodbye to their aged “click wheel” character iPod in preference of carrying all their song on their smartphone, though there’s still a outrageous direct for aged iPods. “iPod Nanos are still sought after, with roughly 50% offered within one day of being listed during an normal cost of $74,” adds Barnes.

The interest is huge: comparison iPods and iPod Nanos were a lot smaller than a iPhones of today, and if you’re a gym rodent or venerate to start your day with a morning run, carrying a pint-sized iPod is a heck of a lot easier than slapping your hulk smartphone on your arm.  While a Nano’s are prohibited items, iPod Classics are a series one many sought-after of a bunch. With tough drives adult to 160GB, they simply reason a many music. If we have one in good condition, we can design hundreds of dollars, and if we have a barely-even-used one, we competence see prices climb adult past $300.

Old phones

No, I’m not articulate about your aged Android handset from 3 years ago…I’m articulate about unequivocally aged phones. You know, a aged rotary character that gave your fingers a critical examination each time we attempted to dial? Believe it or not, people still venerate these things, and they’re peaceful to bombard out as most as $100 for a good one in operative order. Maybe a all about a nostalgia, or maybe they only wish to watch their kids onslaught to figure it out like this:

Whatever a case, there’s a ton of these aged phones still floating around out there, and there’s substantially a flattering good possibility there’s one sitting in your integument or a groundwork shelf. Cash in while we can!

Almost anything from a 60’s

Vintage is severely “in” these days, and if we have electronic leftovers from a disco era, we can money in large time.  TVs, radios, cameras — even something as problematic as an alarm time — can fetch a outrageous cube of change. The wildest partial is that infrequently it doesn’t even matter if your tool still works, there’s expected someone who wants it.

Got an aged early 1960s tube TV that won’t spin on? Someone competence buy it and spin it into a fish tank. A hobbyist competence wish an old, damaged stereo so they can wrench a courage out, hang new speakers in it and have a retro sound complement that connects to Bluetooth.

The possibilities are endless, so start digging, dusting, offered and saving asap!

Jennifer Jolly is an Emmy Award-winning consumer tech writer and horde of USA TODAY’s digital video uncover TECH NOW. Email her during Follow her on Twitter @JenniferJolly.


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